Term Two Round Up

Where on earth has this term gone? Honestly it feels like yesterday was Christmas and I was heading back to university with those January blues. This term has been a bit crazy in terms of emotions. I have had some amazing moments and some horrendous ones, but I've also learnt a lot about myself and... Continue Reading →


Where I’m At – Life Update

So as always my blog is where I talk honestly about what's going on in my life. So here goes. I'm not doing so well. This isn't a cry for help don't worry but it is also not an overreaction. It's just me being honest about how I'm feeling and what is going on in... Continue Reading →

10 things I learnt in 2018

You are correct, I am writing that inevitable end of year blog, but would I be me without sticking to some silly cliché? So prepare yourselves this one gets quite emosh (deep breath). 1. Be grateful for everyone that comes in and out of your life. I live by the clichéd saying that everything happens... Continue Reading →

Term One Round Up

As much as I hate to admit it, term one of my final year at university is almost done and as we roll into week 9 I thought it would be good to reflect on the past few months mainly as a means of personal recollection but also so I can keep on track of... Continue Reading →

Final Year Goals

And so the final chapter begins...fourth year. Who would have thought I would become one of those REALLY old students you meet in freshers week and are shocked that anyone could survive university for FOUR whole years? Well that's me. Nearly. Next weekend I will move into my crazy 23-bed house in Leamington Spa to... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello. Hello. Hello. This blog is a little different from the norm. For the first time I have been tagged in a blogger "chainmail" as such (I'm not sure what the down-with-the-kids term is) where I will basically answer 11 questions I have been asked and I will then ask 11 new questions of other... Continue Reading →

Career Choices

Hey friends. Long time, no blog, I know, apologies. Life has been whizzing by at 100mph and I have just over three hours, sat on a bus where I can finally take some time to blog. So what have I been up to? On the 28th of May I started a marketing and branding five-week... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong Travel Blog

So I know this blog is waaaay overdue, however I have been super busy since arriving back in the UK after my study exchange in Singapore. I'm still very bitter that I have left and with the recent Trump-Kim Jong Un summit in Singapore, the daily reminders of the amazing country I have left are... Continue Reading →

Study Exchange Memories

So with my study abroad/exchange at an end (cry!), I have decided to do a round-up of my top memories from the past eight months. I think it's important to reflect over time to realise how much you have grown and developed as a person and to really appreciate all the amazing opportunities you have... Continue Reading →

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